Friday, August 3, 2018

One of the Good Guys

Z-Dogg and I were out front tonight taking silly pictures when we got a special surprise visit...

Our homie Noah rolled up on his bike!

Noah used to live directly across the circle but his family moved away maybe a year or so ago.

I love this little dude!

He is always so kind, so friendly, so mature, so nice and so loving to the goofballs - especially Zechie!

He was always quick to come out and play with them - and MAN do we miss him!

He is definitely one of the good guys!

Zechie said:

"I miss you, Noah! I miss our lightsaber battles in the front yard!"
What an awesome surprise visit!

Noah - you really blessed us tonight with your bike ride stop here!

And dude... you're growing up WAY too fast!

We're praying for an awesome school year for ya... and please come back to visit and play!

You're welcome here ANY TIME!

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