Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Last Sunday

They say you only get like 18 good summers of time and influence with your kids... something crazy like that.

And today marked the last Sunday before school comes roaring back to life on Tuesday.

Another Summer down and gone - in the blink of an eye!

And what better way to say "Goodbye Summer Sundays!" than with some frozen yogurt!

We piled the toppings on thick and heavy too - cuz "Family Whole30" starts Tuesday too!

And to really make sure we were getting our "summer money's worth" - we tacked on some hula hooping...

And some goofy faces to tie it all up in a bow!

Man... I hope and pray we are using these "influential Summers" in the way God wants us to.

And if things go well - we'll have WAY more than 18 of them- because my prayer is our crew just WANTS to hang out with us way later in life than 18!

In the meantime goofballs - your daddy is praying his face off for all three of you as you enter a new school season next week - and you go shine that light super bright for Jesus!

So long Summer 2018... we had a BLAST!

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