Monday, October 22, 2018

Bath Bombs and Mini Swords

Mommy hooked the goofballs up with a "Daily Grab Bag" surprise.

It's a bag for each of them that they get to reach in every day and pull a surprise to remind them mommy is thinking of them even when she's far away!

While I didn't get a picture of it - Mebbie scored a super neat science project of crystals growing into a tree - which she LOVED!

Meron has been wanting bath bombs for like... ever... and her bag had some!

She was stoked and went straight to the tub to try 'em out!

And falling squarely in the category of "What on earth were you thinking?" - she got Z-Dogg a mini sword.

Let me repeat that as cautionary announcement:

Z-Dogg has a mini-sword.

No less than two minutes after he had it opened - the "Don't do that with the sword..." statements began!

But ya know what? It's all good - because every night - I pull their bags out - they pull a surprise - and we talk about mommy and the team and we pray for them and it's a great way to stay connected some 8,000+ miles away!

You're a dope mommy, Laura... even from a distance!

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