Friday, October 12, 2018

Connected Kids, Expanded Worlds

Man - one of the greatest joys I have personally seen over the last 8 years or so of Brighton Their World is the opportunity to connect kids here in America with kids in Ethiopia - through simple and encouraging notes and letters - and watching the world views on both sides of the globe open WAY up!

It's the coolest!

Today... Zechie's teacher invited us into her classroom to share a bit about Brighton Academy and Ethiopia!

And after about 15 minutes of information and a bunch of questions from 1st graders... the whole class got to write notes to students at Brighton Academy...

Z-Dogg jumped right in! He was so proud and excited to have us in his class!

His classmates jumped right in too!

And some even went all out with their drawings!

I loved seeing Zechie beaming with pride about the school, about where he was born and about his friends helping out!

So thankful for his awesome teacher and her willingness to embrace this classroom friendship!

She is helping plant the seeds of a totally different worldview for these kids... and that is ALWAYS good!

Heres to global friendships and eyes open to a planet that is way bigger than just us!

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