Monday, October 1, 2018

Things That Make Ya Go "Hmmm...?"

I don't archive all my writing - but I posted this rhyme the other day out in social media land and it seemed to resonate with a bunch of people - so I figured I'd preserve it here for safe keeping.

Plus - it was somewhat encouraging (sadly though) to know I wasn't the only one with "family" that isn't "family" clinging to and claiming "family" when they haven't even acted in that capacity... like... ever... but feel like they should be respected as that now that they have a strong opinion on something.


Life can be a bear sometimes... and I write about it. That's all.

Faux Fam
It was graduation night and I cried and cried and cried,
Cuz both my best friend and his girlfriend had just died;

And I never heard from you - it's okay I didn't expect it,
Cuz the dots between me and you? They weren't connected;

10 years later and I married my dope wife,
Did I hear from you? Nope - ya weren't in my life;

2 months go by and we still haven't spoke,
Mom comes home to an empty house and a note;

Parents wigged out, separation and then divorce,
No word from you - no regret no remorse;

And no big deal - it's not like I sat and waited,
Yearning for your input - intense with breath bated;

A few years later - things? Well, they got wild,
We walked through the grief of the death of our first child;

And you reached out to us to offer up your prayers...
Oh wait, no you didn't - cuz come on - you didn't care!

But now all of a sudden when I'm talking about race,
You got a strong opinion and wanna be in my space;

Pointing fingers - claiming rights to stand with me,
With your opposing views in the name of "family"

Belittling a fight that is very real to us,
Noncommittal, deflecting to make a fuss;

Standing or rather clicking in opposition to me,
From a broken, rotted branch of a petrified family tree;

And while I see it... I don't need it so I ignore it,
Others see it... they read it and they abhor it;

And yeah I wish this just wasn't the who, what, why and how,
Ya weren't around then and I don't need ya around now.


Stay strong in the face of the storm folks!

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