Sunday, October 21, 2018

We Ask So Much

From church to the movies to goofing around to pizza for dinner... I had another blast of a day with this crew.

And as I was getting them through baths and showers and getting school clothes ready and lunches pre-packed... I got to thinking about them...

And just how much we ask of them as kids.

We ask 'em to sacrifice vacations, fall breaks, days off...

We've asked 'em to help save money, pinch in certain areas, give up certain things, basically re-route a lot of the family funds to Brighton Their World...

We've asked 'em to be strong and brave and help out when either mommy or daddy is gone. And sometimes they cry cuz they miss us (Zechie at the airport on Friday) - and sometimes they hide it beneath their tough exterior...

We've asked 'em to grow up a bit quicker... we're super honest 'round here and we talk about a lot of tough things from death (Brighton) to poverty to racism to being better people. We ask them to be more mature than any kid should have to be...

And while I was convicted a bit today by it all - as I just kicked back and allowed myself to be full on daddy all day - playing catch, eating junk food, watching "performances" and hearing songs being sung, breaking up fights and hugging and laughing and loving - I thought to myself:

"I don't think any of them would change a thing!"
I see it in their eyes when we talk and share about Brighton.

I hear the pride in their own voices when I overhear them talking about their brother or about Brighton Their World to their friends and what they get to be part of.

I see it when they jump at the chance to share at school or at church.

And they may try to act all gangster about it at times... but I think I know the real them.

God built them for this and He did the same for me and Laura and then He brought us all together to execute it.

It doesn't change what we have to ask of them though... and I am forever aware of it and grateful for their young but incredibly mature spirits and attitudes.

Goofballs... your sacrifices are not lost on Daddy. I am forever grateful for the young but amazing people you are!

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