Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Always In Her Corner...

This girl right here man...

She's one of the strongest humans I know!

She's had some interactions with a classmate who has chosen to reference the "N-Word" among some other things... and we told her to just stay away from him.

So what's she do?

She jumps in and stands up for one of her friends when the same kid starts mocking her friend for her religion.

Mebbie just can't handle standing idly by and watching people be hurt by others.

I love that about her!

And one thing she knows for sure is that her daddy is crazy!

... crazy about his love for her!

... crazy about standing up for what's right!

... crazy about always having his girls' backs!

And she knows I am ALWAYS gonna be in her corner!

No matter what...

These are tough times in our country... there's no doubt about it.

And it's given us all kinds of opportunities to RISE ABOVE the wack, ignorant, stupid, weak, cowardly folks around us and turn what they meant to harm us into strength instead!

We are stronger than so much that gets thrown at us... and we're stronger than racism for sure!

Mebbie - keep on standing for what's right girl - daddy will ALWAYS have your back!

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