Sunday, December 2, 2018

Daddy... Feel the Puffs!

I'm torn on this growing up thing!

We used to always be needed for hair care 'round these parts... but things are changing!

After church today - Mebbie ran a bath, hopped in and took out her own braids, conditioned her own hair and then pulled 'em back up in to puffs.

And she looked adorable!

Her puffs have always made her look younger - and I couldn't get over her cuteness!

She was proud of her work (as she should be!) and she said:

"Daddy! Feel the puffs! Feel how soft they are!"
And while it's super nice being released from hair duty and watching these girls take on the responsibility for their own stuff...

This growing up stuff is still for the birds!

I guess I can't fight it - I'll just try to embrace it!

Mebbie... GREAT job girl - looking adorable as usual!

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