Sunday, March 31, 2019

Mister Swagger Man

Confidence has never really been something in shortage for this little dude!

His swagger is off the charts!

And I just know he is gonna be a mover and a shaker and a world changer with this confidence and swagger he has!

One day... he will move from being resident funny man and terrorizing his sisters to finding ways to change the world for good!

I believe this!

Keep your swagger swaggering, Z-Dogg!

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Would You Be Willing...?

Meron came up to me this morning - literally like right after rolling outta bed - and said:

"Daddy... I know you exercise and work out a lot already... but would you be willing to do some strength training with me?"
Are you kidding me?

Girl! You only have to ask daddy that once!

So after my regular morning workout - and a day of hanging out - we hit the gym again this afternoon for session one of strength training!

I was so stoked to be there with her - and so was she!

We did a pretty good warm up to get the blood flowing... and then we jumped right in!

We did dead lifts, squats, dead rows, clean & press, biceps, triceps, shoulders, lunges, abs and stretched!

And we spent a LOT of time really focusing on her form and making sure we were doing it right!

To say she was wiped out afterwards would be an understatement!

But she was happy and already talking about the next session!

And forgive the grainy, low-res phone picture... but I was so proud of this girl that I just HAD to get a pic together!

I can't wait to get back in there and see what kind of progress she makes over time!

Meron... you were awesome and showed so much initiative! Never give up!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Daddy Spring Break

This crew right here... they love me at such depths!

I know I don't deserve it but holy moly am I grateful for it!

Today... I had one of those days at work that just sucks. Where people disappoint ya. Where everything seems heavy and mentally exhausting that translates to physical exhaustion by the time the day ends.

I stumbled in the door beat down... only to find this on my desk!

My crew had been bummed that daddy didn't get a Spring Break from work like they did from school... so what did they do?

They proclaimed this weekend "Daddy Spring Break!"

And they had the whole night planned!

They had banners made and displayed for the show they put on for me...

Meron even wrote a original song that she sang for me and Laura even got in on it!

They put so much effort into the visuals!

My heart was about to explode from the love they were pouring out on me!

They ended the night by going to grab my favorite MOD Pizza and then setting up a fun family game night of Pictionary!

I asked... "Who was behind all of this?"

Laura looked at me and said, "Who do you think?"

This girl loves her daddy far more and far deeper than he deserves... grateful for her and her brother and sister!

Goofballs... you totally made my day and the first day of "Daddy Spring Break" was a hit!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

City Above the Clouds

Laura decided to take the goofballs on a little day trip up to what they call the "City Above the Clouds" - or Woodland Park as we know it!

We were worried that we weren't giving the goofballs some extravagant Spring Break excursion... not that we fall prey to comparison - cuz we don't - it's just that "insecure parent" thing in us wishing we could give 'em the moon when honestly - it's just not doable...

But our crew didn't care!

Cuz this trio is having a blast just exploring locally and hanging out!

A good park is a good park... no matter where it is!

And these guys love a good park!

And love just "hanging around!"

And truthfully... they ADORE their mommy and just love spending time with her!

After they worked up an appetite - Meron spotted a local Mexican restaurant to hit up!

And I love that Laura kept sending me these phone pics at work so I felt like I was hanging with them!

They weren't done yet though - cuz they scored some FroYo before they headed back down the mountain!

Tonight... the day caught up with all three of them as yawns and sprawled out bodies took over the couch!

Their collective feelings about the day when I got home and asked them:

"We had the BEST day daddy!"
And those six words soothed our souls.

We have some of the best kids on the planet... in my absolutely biased opinion!

Good times Goofballs... GOOD TIMES!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


These guys right here... they're my everything!

This week is Spring Break - and all this crew wanted to do was come have lunch with me!

My calendar was NUTS this week but I found some time for today and blocked it last Sunday night... then looked forward to it all week!

They're my absolute favorite people on the planet - and lunch was the best!

Thanks guys for bringing your traveling van of joy to me at lunch time!

Best meeting of the week... hands down!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Sometimes... ya just need a dose of Mebski Love!

No reason really - just needing that smile, those radiating eyes... that beauty inside and out!

I see you, big girl!

Stay beautiful Mebbie - the world needs ya!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Dead Bunny

I wasn't there - but apparently Z-Dogg let out a blood curdling scream the other day in the van while they were driving down the road.

He re-enacted the look and scream for me tonight... and it was all because he spotted a...

Dead bunny on the side of the road!

And it would appear that he was scarred for life!

His life slowed down and he was able to commit to memory the bunny's exact position as it lay dead on the road...

Which he was happy to demonstrate to me.

This kid is 100% goofball... for sure!

And while I think he was a little freaked out by the bunny... we think he'll overcome it and be a better man for it!

No more dead bunny screams, Z-Dogg!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Making Doggie Memories

The alarm wasn't set to go off for another 90 minutes when I heard a faint whisper in the dark that said:

"Daddy... are you awake?

I can't sleep anymore... I'm too excited!"
And so began our day!

90 minutes earlier than scheduled - but it was all good!

We had plenty of time now... so no rushing as we hit the hotel breakfast up and started pulling on our warm gear and getting ready!

After loading up and checking out - we drove about 10 minutes further up the mountains and pulled in to this place... home of Alpine Adventures Dogsledding!

If there was any concern we'd not have enough snow - that was squashed quick as there was about 3 feet of the white stuff all around!

We got checked in - booted and bibbed up - and hung out in the lodge by the wood burning stove waiting for our guide, Zac.

Zac showed up right on time and said, "Ready to meet the team?"

Meron about tripped over herself rushing out to meet our crew who was all lined up and ready to rip!

Zac was awesome too - giving us tons of history on the dogs, how it all worked and what to expect.

And Meron was soaking it ALL in!

It was pretty fascinating stuff to learn too!

He explained about the lead dogs... these guys here were the "smart" ones - they took commands well and know their right from their left!

Right behind the leaders come two speedsters. The role these guys play is to keep bearing down on the smart leaders - apply some pressure to make sure they don't start dropping the pace!

Next up were two simply athletic dogs.

These guys were there to just do their part in pulling - and they - like the others - have AMAZING VO2 max... meaning they recovered in like 30 seconds every time we stopped!

Finally - there were the two power dogs.

These two brought up the rear and were closest to the sled - therefore they felt the most of the weight and drag...

Apparently - Meron and I were first up on the sled with the dogs!

After learning all of this - they explained a few hand signals to us so they could communicate with us as I drove the sled!

And like that - with a quick wave of the hand - I released my body weight off the "emergency brake" and we were OFF on to the 5 mile loop in an environment like this!

Meron was bundled up in the sled and she was in HEAVEN!

After what seemed like an eternity - the guide threw up the "STOP" signal from his snowmobile and we came to a halt.

After Zac snapped a picture for us - he looked at Meron and said, "Your turn to drive!"


We weren't sure if they were going to allow her to do that - but there was zero hesitation on their part... or hers!

Somebody was loving life and she even screamed to me "I wanna drive it all the way back home!"

But all good things must come to an end... or do they?

As we wrapped up the 5 mile loop - we ended up back here:

At the kennel... and they explained their "open kennel" policy to us meaning we could hang out as long as we wanted and play with the dogs!

Meron was in heaven AGAIN!

Thiss girl has never, ever, ever met a dog she didn't love!

And that didn't change here... and the dogs were loving her right back too!

We wandered from dog to dog to dog... loving 'em and petting 'em and hugging 'em...

But we kept coming back to "Beacon" - I think she was Meron's favorite (and Meron may have been her favorite too).

Eventually - I was able to peel Meron away from the pups and we headed back out on the road for the ride back home.

This tour had been Meron's Christmas gift this past year and I asked her if this experience was better than some silly toy... she responded with:
"This was the best gift EVER and I would ask for it every single year!"
Me thinks she liked it!

And I did too!

What a great experience that I don't think either of us will ever forget!

Thanks for bringing me along for the fun Meron... you're my favorite dog sledding partner in the world!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Joyful Blast

Meron and I made it back to Colorado Springs this afternoon... tired and exhausted but so grateful for the amazing experience we had!

Seriously... these pics right here sum the whole thing up...

Meron was in Heaven!

And I was in Heaven watching my girl be filled with so much joy!

When I get some sleep in me - I'm gonna do a detailed post about the trip...

But for now I leave ya with some pics that seriously capture the emotion of the day!

Daddy Daughter Adventure was a JOYFUL BLAST!