Friday, May 31, 2019

10.68 Miles of History

Whew... our first full day in our nation's capital has come to an end.

There are four FULLY EXHAUSTED humans sleeping behind me - but they're sleeping full of happiness and contentment.


We're talking 'bout 10.68 miles of walking today - through museums, historic buildings and locations and around this city!

African American culture...

The truth about the founding of our nation...

The reality of the Declaration of Independence...

Slave trade...

Emmett Till and his ACTUAL coffin...

Frederick Douglass and his house...


We've cried... we've laughed... we've learned...

And we've GAINED CONFIDENCE from our friend, Freddy D!

Looking forward to what the next three days bring!

Never stop learning and growing!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Habesha Connection

We knew Washington, D.C. has a large Ethiopian community - and it didn't take long for us to tap into it during our first few hours here!

As we walked down the street - Meron would see somebody she thought was from Ethiopia and she'd yell, "Habesha?"

They'd smile and yell back... it was awesome!

Then - tonight at dinner - we connected with this sweet employee of the hotel restaurant who has been here for 3 years from Ethiopia.

She was smitten with the goofballs - and her friend - our server (non-Habesha) was equally as awesome!

We had some amazing conversation over dinner that helped to...

restore some faith in humanity!

And we needed it... cuz... well...

We took a little trip down here to let them know how we feel!

And our presence was needed - a reprieve from the barrage of red hats and the oddly placed "build that wall!" chants...

I love these guys here - they ain't afraid to represent some truth!

Stay strong Camp Hoffman! Tomorrow we visit the home of a warrior - Frederick Douglass!

Represent, represent!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Field Day - Final Day

Today was field day at school for these three goofballs!

Luckily the snow was gone!

It was a warm 40 degrees or so when they headed out - nice cloud coverage and slight breeze...

Perfect field day weather!

It also happened to be the FINAL DAY of school for this 1st grader, 4th grader and 5th grader!

They're gonna miss the last 2 days of school this year cuz we're flying out early to head to visit Washington, D.C. and we can't wait!

Guys - mommy and daddy are stupid proud of you three for what ya did this year in school - not only in your academics and grades - but really how you treated people - how you respected and learned from your teachers - and how you fiercely sought wisdom and discernment on things that were wrong or unjust - and you stood your ground behind your beliefs!

Daddy has your back forever... I hope you know this!

Way to end the year strong, goofballs!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A Little Jaunt at 7,500 Feet

This past Sunday Laura and the girls headed out on what is quickly becoming their regular Sunday run on their fun little 4 mile loop comfortably located at 7,500 feet!

It was warm - so Z-Dogg and I decided to drive out there and try to find them so we could bring them some water...

Finally they emerged over a hill - and they were stoked to see us!

Meron took a little break and Z-Dogg jumped in in her spot!

I love that in ALL of this wide open space... Mebbie sees this:

And she insists on a picture be taken of it!

Eventually Meron jumped back in with them and they finished out the loop together!

I met back up with them at the end of the trail and got to jump in a picture with my crew!

Super proud of these guys for getting it all together and keeping us mobile and running!

Way to make it a habit guys - KEEP RUNNING!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Bedtime Stories

I love hip-hop. I love the music, the culture, the history... I love EVERYTHING about it!

And I wouldn't be worth anything as a dad if I wasn't passing on that love to my crew!

A friend turned me on to this book and I immediately ordered it and we jumped right in!

Mebbie was intrigued by all she was learning...

While Meron was appalled that they included Kanye West in there!

Me? I was simply loving it!

And also a little geeked out that they included Tribe Called Quest and N.W.A. among some other legends!

The Story of Rap... get it and pass on the love via board book!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

My Main Man

Got to spend some one-on-one time today with my little homie...

Dude is growing up so fast - I can't believe it!

Well - his hair is... his body will catch up soon I am sure!

He's funny, caring, defiant, independent, strong-willed, loving and all-around GREAT!

I see you Z-Dogg... I see you every day... and I love you more than you know!

Keep Z-Dogging it, Zechie! You do it well!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

She Blinded Me With Science...

We got the email telling us to be at the awards assembly on Friday morning because one of our students was receiving an award!

If ya have to miss your favorite exercise class - THIS is the reason to do it!

Meron received the certificate of achievement and was the recognized 5th grader in the category of SCIENCE!

What, what, what?!?!

I am so proud of this girl!

She has been working SO HARD the past few weeks on ALL of her school work - but I know she has developed a particular love for her science class.

And to top it all off - her science project was also chosen for the science fair that day too!

A couple of her friends were recognized too... and we were proud of 'em all!

Meron... daddy sees you and I am so proud of you, sweet girl!

Way to end the year strong, Meron!

Friday, May 24, 2019

The End Is Near

Today we hosted our 2nd Annual "Last Day of School Grill Out in the Circle Bash" with a group of classmates of the goofballs (and the goofballs too of course)...

Because we're headed out of town as a family and missing the last two days of school next week - we had to push the celebration up a week earlier...

But these guys still had a blast!

There was whiffle ball, chalk drawing, necklace making, hot dogs, chips, sodas, Oreos and ice cream sandwiches!

But mostly there was laughing, singing, smiling, joking and having fun!

Totally grateful for this group of kids and the sheer joy of just hanging out!

Congrats on a GREAT school year guys - can't wait to do it again next year!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Look... Now I'm Daddy!

This girl here... she is a trip.

She came out of her LONG bath soak of de-tangling her hair -marched into my office with her hair pulled down by her chin and announced:

" I'm daddy!"
she keeps me smiling - no doubt.

And she is the beard police and refuses to allow me to cut it off!

Stay crazy... and hairy... Meron!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Another Season Behind Us

That's right... Meron's looking in the rear-view mirror at another volleyball season come and gone!

This girl LOVES this sport...

And I was impressed this year at how much work she put in!

She played up on the competitive team and it was definitely a step up... and she rose to the occasion!

I mean look at her...

Looking like a strong athlete not to be messed with!

And... she rocked some dope socks all season!

She played with a great group of girls who quickly became friends... and some great coaches who legit cared about them!

She was proud of herself this season - and so were mommy and daddy!

way to play Meron... can't wait til next season!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Colorado Spring (Almost Summer)

In what supposedly is a "freak happening" - we woke up to this craziness outside this morning!

it was almost 12 inches of heavy, wet, white stuff all over the place!

My work was delayed 2 hours... the kids school was cancelled.

That's right...

A snow day 10 days before June!

Z-Dogg found it absolutely unacceptable!

I mean - do you blame him?

the pool opens up on Monday!

And even though I LOVED running in it... I have to agree with him on this insanity!

He didn't let it keep him down though... instead he flexed in its face!

And real talk - it was almost all gone by this evening and the warm temps and sun are coming right back!

But seriously...

Go home, Colorado... you're drunk!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Futbol es Terminado

Another season of soccer came to an end this past weekend as Mebbie wrapped up her spring soccer season with a final game!

I love watching Mebbie play her sports...

Her long, lean athletic self looks right at home out there!

And the competitor in her LOVES being out there too!

I love some of the stuff this game has taught her - like taking a knee when an opponent gets hurt on the field...

Or cheering on the other team as well - something her coach does every game!

He's a great guy, with a great heart out there coaching for the right reasons!

And he LOVES Mebbie!

Matter of fact - dude loves his whole team - that he he has worked hard to keep together for several seasons!

And Mebbie loves it all too!

So what do ya do to celebrate another successful soccer seson in the books?

Ya eat a donut bigger than your head - that's what!

Excellent season, Mebski Love!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Music Makes Me Extremely Joyful!

This girl right here LOVES to sing!

Recently - she wrote this for a project she was working on at school:

"For my genius hour project, I choose THE HISTORY OF SONGWRITING. I chose this topic because I have always loved music and how happy it makes me.

Music is special to my whole family - not just me! My dad was a rapper and my mom sung on a few tracks.

Music makes me extremely joyful. Every morning I get up and get ready as fast as possible to get as much time as I can to sing."
There ya have it... she LOVES to sing!

Recently he had her end of year choir show... and she was chosen to speak at the beginning!

I mean - is there really anybody better to tell us to keep our phones off and be on our best behavior?

i think not...

And then... then there were her eyes!

The girl has ZERO ability to keep her face cool...

She pretty much has a "resting crazy face."

But once the singing really kicked in... that is all she is about!

Her joy from singing brings me joy daily....

Meron - you are amazing - and the joy you gain from singing is the joy I gain from seeing you sing! NEVER STOP.