Sunday, June 30, 2019


I absolutely LOVE that these two are digging into this game!

It's a new goal of mine to learn it and try to get good at it... and now I got some worthy opponents to go after!

This dude here knows the rules, knows the moves and loves to study it!

Bring it on, Z-Dogg... BRING IT ON!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Getting Our Bake On!

I think we opened the flood gates cuz Meron decided to cash in yet another one of of her "Daddy Coupons" this weekend!

This time... an afternoon of baking something yummy together!

First - we hit the store to buy the needed ingredients for the recipe of her choice... and then we got busy!

Of course - any good baker rocks a hat, an apron and MAKES SURE IT TASTES RIGHT!

Soon enough we had these two gorgeous pieces cooling on the racks!

And since it was a double layer cake...

we decided to sneak some surprises in between!

This giant hamburger of a cake looked good enough to go to town on right here... BUT WE WEREN'T DONE!

Meron got busy on some cream cheese icing to give our masterpiece the final touches!

And she did an amazing job covering it all up!

I must say - that finished product was looking DOPE and DELICIOUS!

This girl was super proud - and she should be - this thing turned out GREAT!

And tonight - after dinner - the whole family confirmed that it WAS awesome as we tore into it for dessert!

As delicious as that cake was... and it was SUPER DOOPER GOOD... the best part of the entire thing was hanging with my girl and watching that smile never leave her face!

Can't wait to bake again, Meron!

Friday, June 28, 2019

Kitchen Island Yoga

I look in the kitchen and this goofball extraordinaire has climbed on to the kitchen island and is busting some sort of weirdo yoga poses!

This is us... this is how we get down!

I mean seriously... what the...??

Ya know the craziest thing?

We don't even question it!

The circus life runs deep 'round these parts!

Z-Dogg Yoga... it beats "Goat Yoga" every single day!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Daddy Daughter Date Part II

TWO daddy daughter dates in ONE week?

Yes, please!

Tonight Mebbie cashed in one of her daddy coupons and off we went!

We started with a favorite drink on the patio... but the rain started so we headed back inside.

We had some great conversation... about a boy who has a crush on her (I got my eye on him!) - her nerves about 5th grade (math scares her), her excitement about 5th grade (meeting new people) and so much more!

When the rain stopped - we hit the sidewalks and walked around window shopping and chatting!

We even saw some little brand new bunnies that Mebbie fell in love with!

This little girl right here... she's gonna change the world!

I can't wait to see what this precious gift does with what He has given her!

Dads... date your daughters!

Let them know that they are gifts and you are blessed by every second you spend with them!

Mebbie... daddy loves you girl... can't wait til next time!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Hanging Out

If it's even remotely scalable - you'll find Z-Dogg there!

Dude loves to get his climb on!

Hang in there, Z... literally!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Alright... STOP!

seriously... STOP!

Stop growing up!

I mean good grief... look at this gorgeous smile on this gorgeous young lady who I promise was just a day or two ago 3.5 years old!

She's growing up fast - but her heart isn't changing at all!

Full of love, compassion, empathy, brightness and a real love for people.

Not to mention - her smile rocks!

I see you growing up, Mebbie!

And I wanna stop it but I can't!

Keep being YOU!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Daddy Daughter Download

Meron was gone all weekend for her very first church retreat - and I wanted to hear all about it from HER!

So tonight - she cashed in one of her "Daddy Coupons" from Christmas and we headed out on a date so she could download her weekend to me!

She was so excited to tell me everything about the retreat... but first...

We had to get the goods!

We took up shop on the patio - a beautiful Colorado evening - perfect temperature, beautiful view of Pikes Peak and she looked at me and nervously said:

"Where do you want me to start?"
So precious... I told her I wanted to hear it ALL - so start at the beginning!

She started giving me the breakdown - and I could tell she was trying to remember each thing - when suddenly she sheepishly reached in her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper - saying:
"I do have the schedule right here if you think that would help..."
So precious to me...

She had packed that schedule up to bring along specifically for our talk... so I told her to bring it out and lets go through it all!

And then she just started sharing everything!

She shared all about:
- the arrival time and the cabin set up
- exploring the grounds and meeting her cabin mates
- every snack and meal they had
- dodge ball!
- kayaking
- every teaching session and what she learned
- worship "with a live band... they were really good!"
- how quickly her cabin mates all connected and got along
- how the stuff being taught was all stuff we talked about at home... cool!
- how she left feeling closer to Jesus and desiring to be better
- how she prayed for a stronger connection with her brother
- how happy she was that her mommy was there as a leader

And so much more!

Holy moly... my heart was full!

I couldn't be more proud of her - for her leadership skills, for her attitude, for her willingness - but mostly just about who she is - how she loves and where she finds her identity!

Meron... thank you so much for tonight's date - and for still wanting to share every bit of everything with your old goofy daddy.

May this never change!

I love you and I am proud of you, Meron!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Lights Up The Sky

I am pretty sure that at least one of the reasons God breathed life into Mebski Love is that in the event that the sun ever stopped shining - her radiant smile could replace it for a good long time!

Because she certainly lights up the sky!

So grateful for this little girl and her spirit in my life.

The gift of being her daddy is never lost on me and it's something I thank Him for every single day.

Keep shining, Mebbie... KEEP SHINING!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Who Is Goofier?

Seriously though... who is goofier?

Z-Dogg or the cow?

Stay crazy, Zechie!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Retreat, Retreat!!

These two young ladies right here... geesh...

They have my whole entire heart!

Mebbie, Z-Dogg and I sat waving as they drove off to their first ever church retreat in the mountains... Meron as a student attendee (and leader) and Laura as a group leader.

So stinking proud of both of them...

A good friend of Meron's got to come along too and ride up with them!

It was an absolute joy, privilege, gift and pleasure to pray over these three before they headed out.

I just know they are going to grow and shine a bright light for Him in the process.

Way to bring Him glory, ladies!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Red Foxy

That's one happy camper right there and a dude after my own heart when it comes to stuffed animals!

Thanks to a friend - I was able to bring him back this guy from the conference I was just at...

and it was love at first sight!

He named her "Red Foxy" and I think he has himself a new sleep partner!

I love that his joy is this real around this little gal!

Never lose the stuffed animal love, Zechie!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Big Eyed and Goofy

When Meron was a baby we'd put our hands over her eyes and then pull them away real fast and yell:


Looks like our chief goofball still has it!

And her smile brings joy right along with it!

Stay silly and goofy forever, Meron!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Celebrated By Friends

What happens when one of your favorite baristas to ever touch a coffee cup finds out it's Meron Day?

She celebrates Meron with a bit of indulgence - that's what!

And Viv - why is Meron almost taller than you!?!

Thank you for loving our girl like you do!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Know History So We Can Change...

Washington, D.C. was an awesome trip... but it was hard too.

I love that we don't shy away from teaching the goofballs the REAL TRUTH of our country - the HARD truths - the UGLY truths - so we can ACKNOWLEDGE them and hopefully grow from them and make sure we can spot them when they start to creep back in to the world and threaten to happen again.

They're turning into strong, fierce little advocates!

And while they find a lot of our history appalling, disgusting and almost unbelievable (and rightfully so)... they are growing in understanding an developing a heart for equality and justice that is downright admirable.

They're the reason we fight - the reason we learn - the reason we research - and the reason we ADVOCATE.

Grateful for their spirit that is willing to fight... STAY STRONG guys!