Monday, June 17, 2019

Know History So We Can Change...

Washington, D.C. was an awesome trip... but it was hard too.

I love that we don't shy away from teaching the goofballs the REAL TRUTH of our country - the HARD truths - the UGLY truths - so we can ACKNOWLEDGE them and hopefully grow from them and make sure we can spot them when they start to creep back in to the world and threaten to happen again.

They're turning into strong, fierce little advocates!

And while they find a lot of our history appalling, disgusting and almost unbelievable (and rightfully so)... they are growing in understanding an developing a heart for equality and justice that is downright admirable.

They're the reason we fight - the reason we learn - the reason we research - and the reason we ADVOCATE.

Grateful for their spirit that is willing to fight... STAY STRONG guys!

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