Friday, June 14, 2019

Meron Day 2019 (#11)

That face of hers...

It has always been filled with awe... and wonder... and joy.

And I wonder sometimes if she knows JUST how big of a deal her life is to those around her.

As we celebrate our 11th "Meron Day" - the day she came in to our family... I can't help but think about the impact she has had on our family... our hearts... our healing.

She immediately connected with us - as if she was designed by a Creator to be in our arms (go figure...)!

Her healing power on our hearts was palpable...

And she continues to bring that joy to our lives daily!

And while I may not be able to hang her around my neck any more...

Her heart hangs right beside mine and not a day goes by where I am not reminded of His intervention in our lives through her... be it through her smile, her hugs, her laughter or her simple and sweet request of "Daddy - will you come lay with me?"

Meron... you're a cornerstone of this family and my heart is FULL when I think of your life and what you have already done in a short 11 years!

Happy Meron's Day, sweet girl! Here's to so many more!

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