Friday, August 2, 2019

A Whole New World

Next week is coming fast and somebody is headed to a brand new school as she enters MIDDLE SCHOOL as a 6th grader!

What, what, what... say it ain't so!

And as confident as this girl has always been - she's got a little case of the nerves as she preps for all things new!

So today I cut outta work a little early - went and picked her up - and we headed to the new school with her schedule in hand!

We went to her locker and started there as if it was a new school day - and we walked through her day.

We checked out all routes through the school - found closest staircases, fastest ways to travel, etc...

All in the name of CONFIDENCE and easing her nerves!

We left with a much more confident girl who was ready to tackle middle school like the champion and leader she is!

New grade, new building... same YOU, Meron!

You got this!

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mappqwest said...

That’s how you do the parenting thing. I loved reading this. She’s going to be fine. She s a great girl with great parents. Go Meron!! Sixth grade is not even ready for you.