Wednesday, August 7, 2019

"Doing What She Does..."

Mebbie had a most excellent first day of school this week... and as we always pray every morning before school - she went in there with the mindset of being a "bright light for Jesus!"

Later on that evening of the first day - we got this message from a friend at the school:

"I worked from the school today and got to see Mebbie doing what she does!

I asked her how her day was going... and here is where my heart swelled... she told me she was having a GREAT day - and then she looked at me, with that amazing Mebbie look, and asked ME how MY day was going.

I spoke with so many kiddos today, including mine, and she was one of three that volleyed the conversation.

She is a bright, darling dear and was such a blessing to me today. The joy in her face was everything!

Thanks, Mebbie!"
That's our girl... ALL THE TIME!

Mebbie... you are SEEN, LOVED and APPRECIATED!

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