Sunday, August 4, 2019

When Friends Are Really Family

I full on believe that God is super intentional about the paths He has cross for people.

Probably so many more than we ever even discern even...

But when we DO manage to discern His desire for us with others - it can be GOLDEN.

Tonight was all of that and then some!

Tonight - our friend Dorothea invited the whole crew over for dinner and hanging out... and about 5 hours later we realized we weren't even friends...

NOPE... we are FAMILY!

This beautiful child of God has a serious gift about her.

She is wise... she is loving... she is caring...

She made us a delicious meal and wouldn't let us bring a thing!

She made HOMEMADE ICE CREAM with the goofballs and readily jumped into a "super spicy dorito" eating contest with Z-Dogg!

But most of all... she made us feel welcomed, loved, comfortable and like we totally belonged there!

Like - "recliner chair kicked back, shoes off, under blankets browsing her Netflix" kind of comfortable for the crew!

And the best thing about this gem... is her heart for Jesus.

Heading home from this most excellent hang out session - every single person in the crew had something to say:

"She is like the nicest person ever!" - Meron

"Tonight was amazing... I had so much fun!" - Mebbie

"I really like her hair!" - Z-Dogg

"We need more of her... more often..." - Laura

Seriously Dorothea... you outdid yourself - and its so obvious that you are an image bearer of our King and you honor Him so so well.

So whether you like it or not...

Welcome to the family!

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mappqwest said...

Like it? I love it. Facilitating this community is what I live for. You guys have been with me all along my journey since leaving Chicago many year ago. You are the people I left behind. I have found you again. My community. My tribe. Thanks for being willing to do life with me. I love you guys.