Saturday, September 7, 2019

6 Years of the Z-Dogg!

It seems like yesterday that I was in a transition home in Ethiopia trying to win over a shy little dude - and at the same time - it feels like he's been in my life forever!

Either way - today we celebrated Zechie Day in a big way because it was...

6 Years of the Z-Dogg being a huge part of our family!

I always share this picture because it really might be my very favorite family picture of us ever.

It's the first time our entire family was all together!

And - you know the drill - here's Z-Dogg's homecoming video - that we watch every year and shed happy tears over our little family all coming together!

Zechie... your name's meaning is real - and you are the proof that God DOES remember - and He remembered our heart's desires for a boy - and He gifted us with YOU!

You've brought so much love, joy, happiness and humor to our lives Z-dogg! We love you more than you'll ever know!

Happy Zechie Day, homie!!

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