Sunday, September 8, 2019

A Twisted and Painful Beginning...

Mebbie's competitive soccer league season kicked off this weekend - with a double header against a local middle school team!

And she was STOKED!

And when that first game started - she was on the move!

She was hustling like a maniac and ALMOST scored within the first few minutes...

But then...

She decided to try and catch a super hard kick with her teeth as she took a ball to the head!

It dropped her SUPER HARD and she rolled her ankle on the way down.

It took a lot of willpower to stay seated on the sidelines and let her team tend to her... but I did it!

A quick run to the convenience store by me and Meron later and our girl was chilling in the tent on the sidelines with her foot on ice...

Needless to say - she missed the rest of that game and the second one too... and she was bummed.

She's already up and moving on it - and she's gonna be fine.

Next week they have a bye so she has even more time to recoup.

Injuries.. they're just part of the game.

Hang in there, Mebski Love - you'll come back even stronger!

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