Friday, December 13, 2019

Honoring Him Well

I was super proud of Zechie today. I posted this on Facebook - but i wanna capture it here too. My little homie did good!


I had the BIG privilege of standing in the back of the classroom and watching this strong little 8 year old share about the death of his brother and how we've tried to preserve his legacy.

When I walked in - he came over - picture of Brighton in one hand, note cards in the other - and whispered:

"I'm really nervous, daddy."

One pep talk and fist bump later and he was up front reading his notes, making eye contact and sharing hard truths about a little boy he loves.

He made it through it.

His friends had a ton of questions - some hard ones.

He made it through that.

They asked if he could pass Brighton's picture around.

He made it through that.

Then they lined up for lunch... and he walked over to me - chest heaving, shoulders moving - he was fighting it - but the tears came. Before I could even grab him - a little blonde haired girl swooped in - hugged him TIGHT and said:

"I'm so sorry about your brother, Zechariah."

I was done. Hugged my man - told him how strong he was... how proud I was. How he honored God and his brother so well.

They went out the door to lunch... about 10 seconds passed and he came running back in the classroom and hugged me tight on my legs... no words.

We fist bumped and he ran back out.

I was chosen to be his daddy. He was brought here to be my son. He teaches me so so so much.

Way to go, Z-Dogg. This daddy here will never forget today.

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