Saturday, July 11, 2020

Quarantine Summer Chillin'

Shenanigans at the swimming pool (reserved and socially distanced swimming)...

Chillin' poolside looking WAY too grown up!

And also... racism still sucks in the summertime!

Believe That!

Friday, July 10, 2020

Damn Right They Do!

We got a new sign in our front yard tonight!

Laura was driving through the 'hood and saw one - ended up having a great conversation with the lady who happened to be selling them and BOOM!


Because... you're damn right black lives matter.

And lose me with the petty racist arguments about the organization itself... arguments designed to protect white supremacy at any cost.

Just go away with that.

These three lives - and millions of lives that look just like them are who we're advocating for...

So hop on board with us if you REALLY care...

Oh... and in case you forgot?

RACISM SUCKS... today and every day!


Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Zech Ness Monster

Guess who shut down the entire swimming pool last night?!?!

This guy right here!

Out here looking like a stateside, swimming pool version of the Loch Ness monster!

He may not have found any monsters out there - but ya know what he did find out?

This right here... all the time!

Never not true!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Off the Beaten Path

Another day... another hike to see the gorgeousness Colorado has to offer!

I love that these two love an adventure on the trails!

They even managed to find a little water hole out there!

Ya know what else they found out?

Kidding! They didn't find this out... THEY KNOW THIS!

You should know it too!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Preach That Real Truth...

Dear White Pastors of White Churches in White America ~

You've taught the truth of a Heavenly Savior born of a virgin who is murdered by the state and comes back to life 3 days later to erase all of our transgressions and build an eternal home for us with Him in heaven.

That had to be hard to prepare for and deliver.

You've stood on stage and boldly read truths from a book that shares stories of a whale swallowing a man, a global flood, water turning to wine, dead men rising from graves, single fish multiplying to feed thousands, blind men gaining sight, walking on water and many other hard to believe truths.

Those messages had to be super tough to get through.

So what is stopping you from teaching on the very real existence of white privilege, systemic and institutional inequity and a church that was built and exists to this day on the very foundation of racism in this country?

You've got the resume and experience... trust your skill set!

I know you're not Spiderman - but the Peter Parker Principle still applies... with great power comes great responsibility.

You guys have the power - I double dog dare ya to responsibly leverage it.

Oh yeah... here's your friendly daily reminder...

Racism DOES suck...

Monday, July 6, 2020

Forever and Ever a Goofy Kid...

She never ceases to put a HUGE smile on my face!

I mean - as much as she wants to be a full on grown up adult...

She embraces the kid in her fully!

And yeah - didn't think I forgot about this... did ya?

Stay goofy, Meron... and keep fighting!

Sunday, July 5, 2020

From the Pulpit...

White pastors in white churches with predominantly white congregations... the ball is in your court.

But a lot of y'all kinda look like my 12 year old daughter. She played basketball cuz her friends did - and then straight up panicked when the ball ended up in her hands.

Oh Crap... what do I do!?!

Now is the time to step up... because this battle for justice, equality and ending racism is NOT won from the sidelines...

It's won by bold leaders who are not afraid to stand in front of their all white body and say:





This isn't a "one Sunday" type of thing. It's not something we declare and then immediately soften the blow by saying how much we pray for police officers in the very next breath.

Stop it... we know you pray for them... so do we.

Stop coddling your sheep.
Stop trying to make your white tithers feel safe.
Stop pandering to the feelings of the white majority.

Or - to speak your language - let's Hebrew 6:1 this joint and:

"move beyond the elementary teachings about Christ and be taken forward to maturity, not laying again the foundation of repentance from acts that lead to death, and of faith in God..."

This is your show right now, white church. We're at a crossroads in history... let's pivot and do the right thing and not stay doing what the "church" has for 250 years in this country.

Who wants the ball?

Oh yeah... and also this right here.

Just in case ya forgot...

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Dismantle White Supremacy

White supremacy has been ALIVE and WELL in this country for the past couple centuries... and protected at any cost... and it is far past time to dismantle it.

But... dismantling white supremacy doesn't mean ushering in black supremacy.

It means "no supremacy."

Why is this seemingly simple concept of equality so hard for some white people to understand?

Especially given the idea we spent the last day celebrating as a nation... fighting for freedom, equality and rights... for "We the people..."

Oh... and also:

See the above.... just in case ya hadn't heard.

Racism sucks.

Pass it on...

Friday, July 3, 2020

The Church Isn't Always Right

The church isn't always right.

Let's be honest... it's made up of broken human beings - interpreting His words through our personal lenses. Hopefully seeking His discernment and guidance - but broken and filtered nonetheless.

It's not always right.

I mean... it's been wrong on race in america for like 250 years.

So yeah... not always right at all.

But NOW IS THE TIME to speak up.

Talk to your church leadership. if they are being quiet on the issue of racism, equality and injustice - ask them why.

Tell them they're wrong.

Encourage them.

Help educate them.

Coach them.

And if they aren't willing to raise up... LEAVE THEM.

Right now is NOT THE TIME for a silent church.

Not now. Not on this topic. Not ever.

Lord forgive us for 250 years of silence on this topic... may we be infected with His heart for His creations and CHANGE the way we are.

Also... teal is one of Meron's very favorite colors... and... RACISM SUCKS.

Contemplate that truth... where ya at with it?

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Kill the Roots

Look... I'm not talking about Questlove and Black Thought!

I LOVE those Roots!

I'm talking 'bout some other roots.

Man... the neighbors behind me have some Aspen trees. And hear me when I say this - if your neighbor has Aspens... YOU have 'em too.

Every time I mow I cut those little shoots right to the ground.

5 days later... they're back.

Sometimes I stop the mower... grab the thing and pull as hard as I can - hoping to kill the whole thing.

5 days later... they're back.

See... Aspen roots can spread a significant distance and after a few years the sprouts can form a thick stand of trunks interconnected by their roots. They can become some of our largest living organisms on earth - affecting everything around them.


Deeply rooted and affecting EVERYTHING around it. As long as we are focusing all of our efforts at pruning back the visible branches of racism - we're gonna lose the battle to the ever spreading roots of it.

We gotta get to the roots.

We gotta get to it - dig 'em out - expose them - and leave them there in the light to die.

That's how we're gonna see sustaining change.

Come on... grab a shovel and let's dig these things out.

Oh - and just in case it slipped your mind...

Don't you worry - we'll keep reminding ya!

Now... who wants to join us in digging out the roots?

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Those Few Bad Apples...

After a few seasons - I finally decided to do something about the problem I was facing... bad apples.

See - my orchard was overall good - but the bad apples were increasing and even getting some of their nastiness on my good apples. It was ewwww.

So I talked to the professional at my local nursery. He said, "Sounds like the Phytophthora fungus..." and he gave me some steps I could take.

Remove the infected branches, he said. Not during the height of growth - pruning active branches will likely just spread the disease. Once cut off - burn the branches if possible - but whatever you do - do not leave them on your property.

The next season saw less bad apples but they gradually started coming back - and were even worse.

So I went back to my local nursery professional. "It's like I feared... looks like crown rot. It's caused by that same fungus you fought last year..." he paused then said, "and there's no cure for it. Your tree is going to produce tons of bad fruit and eventually die."

"What should I do?" I asked him.

"Start over" was his response.

Tear the entire tree out... roots and all. Reform the soil - get better drainage - and replant your trees.

Monitor them closely as they grow. Pay close attention to your branches - their health is indicative of the health of the overall tree and its roots.

It'll be hard work... but it can be done. With a proper foundation and good oversight - and a desire to do it right - you can grow up an orchard that is flourishing with good apples - so much so that the health of the good apples will take over until all your trees are producing is the good stuff.

You just have to care enough to do it.

That's what the the professional at my local nursery said about bad apples.

He also said this:

Don't let it happen when ya see it... call it out.

This ain't about apples...

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Words Matter...

They do. So so much... ya know?

When we are confronted with hard things... awkward things... humbling, embarrassing things... if we chose to just hit them head on, acknowledge them and try to work through them...

... we wouldn't find ourselves in weird positions of having to offer up public apologies because we tried to soften the blow or use a word or words that made us feel more comfortable, safe and secure in our place of white supremacy.

You can't swap "privilege" for "blessing" and think it's okay. Good grief... I mean we've already completely bastardized the word "blessing" in this country - lets not muddy the waters even more.

White american pastors - stop kowtowing to the comfort and safety of your white congregations and call it like it is. Say it with me...




There... wasn't so bad, was it? You survived. I mean - half your racist congregation walked out on ya - but now you're working with people who wanna make change! Yay!

Oh yeah - daily reminder for ya:

Real talk...

Keep speaking out on it!

Monday, June 29, 2020


Change is super tough... isn't it Z-Dogg?

I mean - changing the way you toss your shoes in the middle of the living room floor has been darn near impossible...

Now just think about making changes in something as steeped in racist tradition as the white american church!

White supremacy in the church is too deeply embedded to just roll over... so the way I see it - churches right now are gonna lose people.

You're gonna lose people due to the uncomfortable awkwardness of your silence in the face of racism.

Or you're gonna lose people due to the uncomfortable conviction of your truth in the face of racism.

Heads or tails... which way you leaning, Pastor?

Oh yeah - while you're here - don't forget to remember:

A truth worth repeating!

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Ice Cream, Shadow and Sunsets

Z-Dogg soaking in a summer night - ice cream sandwich in hand - sunset as his back drop!

Quarantine summer ain't ALL terrible!

Oh yeah... while you're here checking out the cute kid pics - just a quick reminder so ya don't forget that:

Always and forever!

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Tap Tap Taparoo

Man... we've been feeling bad for the kids (all - not just ours) during this summer of quarantine...

During a time when they'd typically be making memories hanging with friends and being goofy - instead they've been stuck with us... TRYING to come up with new tings to do to not go crazy!

So tonight - we loaded up the whole crew - and went to channel our best socially distanced and quarantine safe inner Happy Gilmores at the Putt Putt course!

These guys had a blast - we all stayed clean, safe and healthy - and we'll be back for sure!

Oh yeah... and while you're here - remember...

Don't forget it!

Friday, June 26, 2020

State of Emergency

We're in one here in America... no matter which way ya look at it...

Things seem pretty dire these days.

But on the other hand - something feels different.

I've been yelling in this space of equality, racism and justice for damn near a decade... and it feels super good to have people awakening and arising to the cause.

I dunno why my creative friend - Atlanta recording artist Jahah - asked me to direct a video for his most recent song, "State of Emergency" - but he did. And I was scared.

I prayed. I watched some hard videos... a lot actually. I cried. I lamented. I prayed some more. And I edited.

And we ended up here.

Please take 4 minutes to give this incredible song a listen along with the visuals.

I don't think you'll regret it.

I really think Jahah captured a moment in time... perfectly.

It's sorrowful, it's real, it's raw... but in it he displays the hope he always has.

I am so grateful to have been invited in to this. It was humbling, therapeutic, educational and eye-opening.

I'm a better person for having crossed paths with Jahah... check out his song "State of Emergency" and see his heart... and you'll be better too.

If you dig it and would be willing to share it - here are some links:


Much thanks to all who watched and shared...

"Racism deep rooted in history..."

Thursday, June 25, 2020

She's a Hustler!

Man... I am really enjoying working out with this girl right here!

Almost nightly we are hitting the fields for her like 3rd or 4th workout of the day!

She is seeing all kinds of advances and improvements...

Because she is putting in the real work!

Meron - know this - whatever volleyball season brings for you in the fall... DADDY IS SUPER PROUD OF YOU!

Way to kill it, Meron!