Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Feels Like Yesterday...

It feels like it was just yesterday.... it really does. But it wasn't.

It was 12 years ago.

12 years ago today... I was sitting in my office at home and the phone rang. It was weird... I remember an ominous feeling as I saw the caller ID was our adoption agency.

"Brighton didn't make it."

That's all I remember from that call. I had to call Laura at work then and tell her. We were a wreck. Lots of great people surrounded us that day and the days to come.

And here we sit... 12 years later.

3 beautiful kids have come home - all who know the name of their brother "Brighton" well. A school bears his name in Ethiopia where 600+ kids know the name "Brighton" well.

Brighton, my man... your legacy runs deep. You may have only been on this earth for 76 days - but your legacy far transcends that.

Last year I wrote this little poem about him... I'll always wonder "what if...?" but I think God's plan is probably far better than any "what if...?" I could ever imagine.

Dear Brighton...
Dear Brighton... every single day I hear your whispers,
In the laughter of your brother and both of your gorgeous sisters;

I see your face, I see your smile, I see remnants of your short life,
In the love poured out daily by your mommy, by my wife;

I hear your name said by kids in the country we've grown to love,
At a school lovingly built by our Heavenly Father above;

I see a legacy preserved, I see babies are getting fed,
But I'll be honest - I'd trade it all to have you here instead;

That's the heart of a selfish daddy, Brighton... and I ain't proud,
Of the way it makes me look when I say that stuff out loud;

But I'd be lying if I acted like this heart of mine didn't long,
To see you here with us being goofy and singing songs;

To see you leave your toys on the steps - and not clean up,
Or throw your little arms 'round the necks of our golden pups;

To watch you thrive in sports, make friends and be a kid,
It breaks my heart in two knowing these things that you never did;

I long to read you the bible and introduce you to Jesus,
But let's be real - you know Him better than I do - and I see this...

In the way He uses your life almost every single day,
To fight injustice and bring smiles in all of these special ways;

Your time on earth was short, but the impact ya had was major,
You saved a family's hearts - made us all reach for something greater;

So when I have these kind of days where I wish you were here with me,
I look around and realize this - you're in EVERYTHING that I see.

We love you Brighton!

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