Wednesday, January 15, 2020

I'm Not Just... "The Black Girl" - I have a name...

"I'm not just 'The Black Girl' - I have a name."

That was Mebbie's response when a student referred to those around her by their given names but called her "the black girl."

She told Laura:

"I don’t want to just be known as ‘the black girl’. I’m Mebbie. And I told him that referring to me as that is racist."
Amen, Mebski Love... AMEN!

Say it again, Mebbie... louder... for the people in the back!

Mebbie was hurt, upset and ready to rumble!

Kidding... anybody who knows Mebbie knows she is bold... courageous... and willing to stand for what is right... but she'd never fight you over it!

She will... however... drop some truth and education on your head! And that's exactly what she did...

One restorative conversation later - and Mebbie had helped a truly ignorant peer understand racism, slavery, the hateful history our country embodies and why the thing he said to her was hurtful!

Tonight - this sweet girl was looking like this - and I asked her how things were and she said:
"We're all good now, daddy. We're friends..."
And THAT is the heart behind this precious little girl.

So, so, so proud of how she handled this. She stood for what was right. She engaged adults to help. She willingly had hard conversations that ultimately helped educate her peers.

And she held her head high the whole time.

Daddy is SUPER proud of you Mebbie - never stop standing for what is right!

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