Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Making 45 Look 22

This girl celebrated her 45th trip around the sun today... and did it looking GOOD!

She recently did a thing at the YMCA that gives you a look at what your "biological age" is and she got 22!

And I believe it!

She works out hard and earned that! I was only slightly ticked because I got a 25.

Boo... I can't keep up!

And what do ya do when you're on DAY 27 of whole 30 and it's your birthday?

Ya whip up a paleo (almost whole30) key lime "pie" for the celebration - and defer the real celebration to the weekend!

Me thinks she liked it!

Our house wouldn't be the same without her and we're ALL grateful for another year of life!

Happy 22nd Birthday, Laura!

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