Sunday, January 5, 2020

Say Cheese!

This girl here has been saving up her money for a while because she has wanted to buy her own camera...

So over Christmas break she grabbed her cash - coupled with a few gift cards she had been given - and we headed to the store.

As luck would have it - the camera she liked and could afford - had been mislabeled by an employee - and she ended up getting a $180 camera at the advertised sale price of $109 (which was for the $129 camera)!

Score for her and for employees who just did the right thing on their own!

I love watching her creative little self look for things to capture in the beauty all around us!

And I'm no photographer... but I've been snapping pics for years now - and it has been fun sharing any tips I have learned over those years with her...

I love so much that she had an interest in something - saved up her money - and is putting in the work to get better at it!

An attitude and approach like that will take her far in life!

Keep snapping Mebbie - there is beauty ALL around ya!

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