Thursday, January 23, 2020

Unlearning and Learning to Relearn

I am so proud of these two right here!

For a while now... Z-Dogg has been really struggling to progress in reading.

And after a whole bunch of testing from a whole bunch of specialists and doctors who care a whole bunch about him... we got us some answers...

Z-Dogg is Dyslexic.

And while that may have seemed daunting and scary and intimidating at first... Laura has jumped straight into learning all she can about it in order to help our little man suceed!

And some of that means unlearning the way he was being taught and relearning a new way to help him learn.

With the help of some new methodology and curriculum stuff - we're ALREADY seeing improvements!

And Zechie is loving it!

Stick with it Z-Dogg... you're gonna do big things in life and tackling this issue is just the beginning!

Read on, Zechie... READ ON!

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