Monday, February 3, 2020

Daddy Coupon Cash In

Meron recently cashed in one of her "Daddy Coupons" for a school lunch visit... and today we pulled it off!

2 Chick Fil A kids meals (complete with ice cream) in hand - and I met her in the middle school lunch room...

God Help Me!

Ya know what?

It wasn't that bad!

Her friends were all awesome - she was super loving and ended it with a big hug and said:

"I love you, daddy... we need to do this more often!"

And she's right... we do!

Later on I told her it was my favorite part of the day and she said:

"Mine too! I couldn't stop talking about it!"

Good grief... i love this girl! She's growing up but she'll forever be my baby girl!

Thanks for an excellent lunch date, Meron!

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