Thursday, February 20, 2020

One of the STRONGEST People I know

This little girl right here... she is hands down one of the STRONGEST PEOPLE I WILL EVER MEET.

No questions asked.

Today - she walked back into a school where yesterday she was called a "N - - - - r" by a known bully...

a school where the administration has failed her...

where the adults around her have cowered in fear and kowtowed to white supremacy instead of rallying and fighting for her...

a school where - so far - they appear afraid to do the right thing.

But not this girl here.

Because along with her mommy and daddy and crew... we are all OVER IT.

We have a protocol in place for a time such as this... and she followed it to a T.

And now we wait... for the adults in places of authority to man up and do the right thing.

To actively fight AGAINST racism.

To send the right and proper message that it is NOT tolerated in any shape or fashion.

And what about my girl and her heart?

Oh it hurt her... hurt her badly.

But her heart is so strong... her joy so real... her love so wild and strong...

That she can't NOT be smiling.

She has a peace that passes understanding down in her heart... and i LOVE HER FOR IT.

Daddy has your back forever and ever you strong, strong Princess!

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