Friday, May 8, 2020

Done Lost My Mind

Okay... so the quarantine MAY have made me lose my mind...

Yes... that is Meron behind the wheel of my car.

Yes... she is only 12.

But can ya really start too early trying to learn and lock in the muscle memory and the awareness it takes to drive?

Me thinks not!

Here she is after we finished... my girl was STOKED!

We hit up a local swimming pool parking lot (totally abandoned and wide open) and I showed her some fundamentals.

She drove a few laps... she learned "FOOT ON THE BRAKE!" means foot on the brake...

And she even parked it in a parking space - several times - and REALLY good I might add!

So... yeah... we have a LONG time to go before she's driving...

But we had a great time together and I have never seen her more focused than she was behind that wheel.

We'll keep trying it out here and there so by the time she hits the streets - she'll be a better driver than most out there now (shouldn't take much!)

Way to work it, Meron!

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