Monday, May 11, 2020

New Wheels

Somebody got a new set of wheels today!

And man did he deserve 'em!

This little dude gets SO MANY hand-me-downs and never complains.

He recently graduated from his teeny tiny Spiderman bike to his sister's old PINK bike... and with zero complaints and all joy.

So today - I bought this guy - snuck it into the hall bathroom... and in my best "Daddy is irritated with ya" voice I said:

"Zechie! Seriously... get over here. Did you leave this in the bathroom... AGAIN?"

He looked nervous as he walked down the hall, opened the door and flipped the light on.

Then he spun around - buried his head in my gut and bear hugged me as he started SOBBING CRYING.

We asked him what was wrong and he said:

"I'm just so happy!"

He thanked me 100x before rushing out to give it a test drive!

He's already testing out the rear trick pegs and this dude and his zero fear will get it all figured out before ya know it!

Zechie... you are seen my man. You are seen and you are loved!

You deserved this new ride and it was a true joy to give it to ya!

Stay upright and ride on, Z-Dogg!

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