Thursday, May 7, 2020

Young Black Male

That's my main man Z-Dogg... just running down the street in broad daylight. In a very white neighborhood in a very white city.

Just smiling away cuz it's all good... for now at least.

Because right now, it's all: "He looks so cute!"

But it could soon be "He looks like a person of interest."

Right now it's all "His hair is SO cool!"

But it could soon be "His ethnic hairstyle was intimidating."

Right now it's all "Look - he likes to dress like his daddy!"

But it could soon be "His baggy clothes made him out to be a thug."

Right now - he's harmless with nothing that could be a weapon.

But soon - he WILL be considered armed and dangerous every time he steps outside in his brown skin.

You guys... I lose sleep over this stuff. All the time.

That's my main man Z-Dogg... just running down the street smiling away.

And he will never be afforded the same life I have because of the horrific hatred this land was founded on and continues to lean on through blatant and systemic racism.

If you're white... privileged... and NOT a racist... find a way to speak up. If you've ever smiled at Z-Dogg, loved on him or high-fived him...


Z-Dogg, please hear me... ain't trying to make you fear me,
Just trying to keep you alive... smiling and keep ya near me;

Trying to keep ya upright, walking above the ground,
Trying to keep ya safe from the hatred that's all around;

Trying to raise ya up, keep ya hip and make ya dope,
Trying to keep ya happy, joyous and full of hope;

Desperate to keep your innocence around - at least for now,
Clinging to your youth for as long as life will allow;

Trying to keep ya smiling, laughing and having fun,
Trying to believe you'd be safe out there on a run;

But you're not safe - I won't pretend or lie about it,
Land of the free and brave... also RACIST - and I'mma shout it;

The life you've been given is so damn different than mine,
I'mma do just what it takes to preserve it and help it shine;

I'mma stand for you, kneel for you, shout for you, fight for you,
Leverage all the privilege I have because I'm white for you;

Help you understand and not let the truth elude you,
The planners of this land had a plan to not include you;

Their hatred is wide - systemic and deeply rooted,
They'll deny it often but reality can't be disputed;

And it's my job as your dad to protect you and help you live,
Empower you - so you can grow up strong and give...

Back to this world from the tools in your bag,
But you can't do that if you end up as a hash tag.


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