Monday, June 15, 2020

Be Brave, Be Strong, Be Kind!

It's been a tumultuous couple weeks 'round this country - and we're wide open about things around here so our kids have been feeling the anxiety and exhaustion too.

And this week - at the perfect time - the kids all three got packages in the mail with these awesome t-shirts in there for them!

Some super loving and caring friends back in ATL were checking in on them - knowing all the racial tension on the rise - they just wanted to make sure they were doing okay!

And we LOVE them for that!

They also sent each of the goofballs a hand-made card with incredible words of affirmation inside.

Guys... you encouraged, inspired and strengthened us ALL with your incredible kindness.

Thanks for modeling how to love your neighbors - even when they're 1,000+ miles away!

We appreciate you!

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