Sunday, June 14, 2020

Meron Day #12

There she was - 12 years ago - cradled in a terrified dude's arms while he tried to play it cool like he knew what he was doing!

Today was Meron Day #12!

What's Meron day, ya ask?

Oh - just the day this precious bundle of love, joy and infectious spirit of God came into our family... and we celebrate those days HARD!

I loved just being around this girl all day today...

She was a game changer in the Camp Hoffman Circus... for sure!

We sat around dinner (her choice of course) and we all shared the things we love about Meron... we do that for each of their "days."

And it was BEAUTIFUL.

This girl is my fierce defender... she doesn't allow ANYBODY to come at me sideways - she has my back unconditionally.

I love her more than I can even put in to words and I am so grateful for the beautiful life He gave her.


Happy Meron Day, sweet girl... you are loved beyond measure!

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