Saturday, June 13, 2020

Not A Chance

You probably thought I wouldn't see that thing - didn't ya?

That super racist thing you posted full of overt, covert, blatant and micro-aggressive racism.

But I did.

And then you even got called out by people in your weird, little circle...

And I saw that too.

But you doubled down on it... with "It's my opinion" and things like "It's still a free country" and "I'm not racist."

Awww. Bless you're sweet little heart...

but yes, you are racist.

And then you threw yourself a little pity party with your little pity party friends.

It was getting tough to watch... but I saw that too.

I watch that stuff because the closet racists are everywhere around us - and they will NEVER, EVER, EVER be allowed to be in proximity to my children.


So hear me... as long as you're out there espousing racist beliefs - be they covert or overt - you will not be near my kids. As long as you're promoting racial microaggressions and creating platforms for your subtly racist friends to raise you up... NOPE.

You'll never have the ears, mind, body or spirit of my kids to influence.

These boundaries are in place for a reason - and have been for years.

And also... my kids are wise and in the know... they're not interested.

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