Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Raising a Voice

It feels good to have an outlet for your voice and feelings and heart.

I mean... when the world around you is swirling and you're watching people you know that supposedly love you stay silent and people who look like you are being hurt and murdered at an insane rate and the country feels like it's spiraling outta control...

It feels good to raise your voice and stand for something.

These girls are so willing to be involved... and I love it cuz they are the generation that is going to be pivotal in pushing the change.

This lady here... she got it.

Her sign brought tears to my eyes... cuz that's all we want... and it's what we need!

Parents brave enough to institute a generational change in their family.

Bravo, lady... BRAVO.

To my brave, bold girls... you're making a difference.

The world is watching... the legacy you're leaving already will be remembered.

You're making a difference.

And daddy is SUPER proud of you!

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