Friday, June 26, 2020

State of Emergency

We're in one here in America... no matter which way ya look at it...

Things seem pretty dire these days.

But on the other hand - something feels different.

I've been yelling in this space of equality, racism and justice for damn near a decade... and it feels super good to have people awakening and arising to the cause.

I dunno why my creative friend - Atlanta recording artist Jahah - asked me to direct a video for his most recent song, "State of Emergency" - but he did. And I was scared.

I prayed. I watched some hard videos... a lot actually. I cried. I lamented. I prayed some more. And I edited.

And we ended up here.

Please take 4 minutes to give this incredible song a listen along with the visuals.

I don't think you'll regret it.

I really think Jahah captured a moment in time... perfectly.

It's sorrowful, it's real, it's raw... but in it he displays the hope he always has.

I am so grateful to have been invited in to this. It was humbling, therapeutic, educational and eye-opening.

I'm a better person for having crossed paths with Jahah... check out his song "State of Emergency" and see his heart... and you'll be better too.

If you dig it and would be willing to share it - here are some links:


Much thanks to all who watched and shared...

"Racism deep rooted in history..."

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