Friday, June 12, 2020

Why Speak Up?

I'm seeing people grow weary of the call for white voices to speak to white people and declare the truth... and it saddens me.

I am seeing people we kinda KNEW had dark hearts in this space - solidly confirm it - and realizing they will NEVER EVER EVER be allowed around our kids.

And I'm seeing people who we THOUGHT would go to bat for our children - and our brothers and sisters who share the same skin colors as them - instead choose silence or even choose to push against speaking up... and they're opening our eyes to who we have to be cautious about around our kids.

And it all saddens me.

You might - right now - be parenting the next Wells Fargo residential home loan manager who will hold power over the interest rate Mebbie's daughter will get on her first mortgage.

What values are you instilling in them about black lives in banking?

+ + + +

You might hold influence over the next OB/GYN who will be delivering Meron's third daughter in the hospital during an emergency c-section.

What is your silence telling them about black lives in the medical space?

+ + + +

You could very well be raising the next Chief of Police in a town where Zechariah's son LOVES to play pick up basketball at dusk.

What is your stance and posture RIGHT NOW teaching that future chief about respect and honor of black lives in our legal system?

+ + + +

Look... white people... the call to a collective loud voice was never about guilt. I mean - chill with the fragility - it was never even about YOU.

It was about a cohesive, collective call to our white brothers and sisters to ACKNOWLEDGE the inequality and injustice - and to fight to fix it.

That's it.

Let go of your feelings for a second - stop feeling personally guilty - and make a little noise in your circles of influence.

You'll never know who's life you may change down the road.

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