Sunday, July 26, 2020

Pig Pit For the Win!

Our friend Ralph has a FULL ON RESTAURANT in his backyard!

He calls it the "Pig Pit" and his specialty is BBQ for sure!

He has designed and built a most excellent space... with his dream that it becomes a friendly space where relationships are formed and fostered over good food, good drink and good times.

I LOVE his vision...

And I love supporting stuff like this!

We recently commissioned some of his amazing BBQ - some pulled pork... and he did NOT disappoint!

I mean... come on...


I know a certain crew who put a WHAMMY on it and loved every single bite!

Especially this maniac... who had SIX SERVINGS!

And the best part of it? Ralph's BBQ is racism-free...

Cuz he knows and believes THIS:

Thanks so much, Ralph!

We're Pig Pit fans for life!

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