Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I was a Guest Blogger

So last week Amy over at When Loves Takes You In asked me if I would consider being a guest blogger on her blog.

That scared me. I have never been asked this before. I have never really written anything worth reading before - and here she was gonna have people on her site reading it. Cuz she is like a semi-professional blogger. She owns the blogosphere. So yeah. See what I mean? Scary.

But I was also honored to be asked to do this (but scared) and was happy to participate. So go visit Amy and you can check out my litle entry on her site called Living life for the One who gave us life to live.

On another note - do you have some good adoption links? We are trying to beef up the resources section so if you have some good links post them for us and we'll add them.

Thanks. Keep it real and have a wonderful Wednesday.


Donna said...

Here's one you might want:

Anonymous said...


Cross post also on Amy's Blog.

Adoption is a wonderful thing and it has truly changed our lives and not just with Sheridan. Our older two are adopted -- One officially and the other unofficially. Until Sheridan came along I could proudly say that who else had their two children pick them to be their Dad. Well God chose each and every one of us to adopt. He also chose Sheridan for us.

There is nothing like the hug from your daughter after she has met her new brother and we both have tears of joy that she counts us as her family.

BaBa (My proud new title worth more than any degree)

Anonymous said...

You sell yourself short when it comes to your writing. I enjoy reading your posts and am inspired by your writing. You can turn a phrase and get to the heart of the topic.

I don't pester anyonelse to post to their blogs.


Unknown said...

Loved your guest post. You are an inspriational writer.

Tymm said...

Thank You! Adoption talk can get me going!