Wednesday, October 24, 2007

DTE!!! (Documents to Ethiopia)

Well, we got the GREATEST email from our Agency today (execept the one telling us we have a referral...sometime in the future)! They wrote to tell us that our dossier was back from D.C where it was authenticated by the Ethiopian Consulate and was shipped TODAY via DHL to Ethiopia!!

I asked our Coordinator to send me the tracking number so I could stalk DHL myself and not drive her crazy everyday asking if the package had gotten there yet.

YIPPEE! We are so excited! The paperchase took about 2 months and soon we should hear when our dossier is out of translation. I am not sure how long that takes, but once finished, they start looking for match!

Here is a great link for information on Ethiopia, and any other country you wish to know more about.

Ethiopia Information



Kim said...

A huge Hip, Hip, Hooray for the Hoffman family! Let's hope translation is quick and then -- a referral!

Unknown said...

thats awesome!!!!! I love happy news!

Anonymous said...

Do you remember when we talked about a possible referral by your birthday in January? Well, we were talking about China but since that slowed down, now it could be Ethiopia!! Sometimes we just are not aware of all the Lord is doing on our behalf!
Prayers are continuing! Love you so much,
laura's mom

Handlyrics said...

Congrats on the progress. WOOHOOO!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome news! I remember that day and I felt like "whew!" You are coming down the homestretch.

Definitely... let's meet up soon.