Sunday, November 11, 2007

B.O.B. and Jimmy

Laura and I have become pretty avid runners and we are bound and determined (against what everyone says will be so impossible) to continue running when we get back home with our son. So on Saturday we headed over to REI to meet B.O.B. in person and see how he was gonna work for us in the running stroller category. I'm not gonna lie - B.O.B. is pretty dope. His full name is B.O.B Ironman - and I think he's gonna work out perfect for us.

He has really sweet suspension, great hand brakes, an emergency brake - all the bells and whistles to keep little eBaby chilling like a villian on a run - whether it's off-road or just cruising on the pavement. We still have to do the mandatory consumer reports check out but all the reviews I have read online from pretty serious runners say this is the one to go with. So B.O.B. - it looks like you're getting adopted too.

Now let me tell ya about Jimmy - cuz this is just cool. The whole time we were ogling B.O.B. we kept having the helpful REI sales guys come up and ask if we needed any help. We were really just looking so we kept saying no. Finally, Jimmy rolls over right as I am attempting (miserably) to fold B.O.B. up to see how that works. It was pretty obvious we needed help - I know nothing about folding up kid's equipment. So Jimmy shows us how and points out all kinds of other cool characteristics of B.O.B.'s.

After some conversation about the stuff hanging around my neck (African piece from my mission trip, my Sharpie magic marker, my fake tooth, etc.) Laura tells Jimmy we were adopting from Ethiopia. He seemed genuinely intrigued, and in what I thought was a pretty bold move at the time, he asked "Did you guys decide to do that because you couldn't have kids?"

I gulped and and looked to Laura - and God bless her she didn't miss a beat - she isn't one to pass up a chance to talk about God. She said "Yeah - we tried and couldn't so we prayed about it - and God led us to China and Ethiopia."

Come to find out - Jimmy was a Christian too. He said "I wondered if you guys were Christians - doesn't seem like too many non-christians would do what you're doing."

How cool was that? So we got to spend a few minutes out in the real world talking to a brother in Christ and it was really nice. We talked about our church, his church and what all we were doing. He even asked us to bring eBaby by the store when we get home.

Thanks Jimmy for helping us get to know B.O.B. better and for giving us a great experience at REI!


Unknown said...

Great stroller, and love REI. You'll be able to run. Life will change more than you can possibly imagine, but running with your kids would be great! Mark needs one of those...

What a great conversation. God gives us lots of opportunities share our hearts (and His).

Kim said...

We don't have BOB, but we do have his cousin. Though we don't run, we do go to off the road places quite often and we love the all terrain stroller. It pushes like magic over all sorts of terrain and is just a dream. I found ours at a consignment sale for a STEAL. You might want to check at one of those places that consigns sports equipment - you never know - BOB and another chance to share the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ might be waiting there!

Unknown said...

I love your stories and seeing Gods hand throughout your journey(s)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this story and always making me laugh. Can't wait to meet B.O.B on the trail.

Paula said...

That is so cool. I love it when I bring up God and people say they love Jesus too. I have a BOB revolution and just love it. Best stroller out there!