Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Cracker Fairy

Sheridan can eat him some crackers! We had the opportunity to hang out with him for a little bit tonight and man - the little guy loves him some crackers.

I was a little worried that he wouldn't remember us - but there he was waiting for us on the porch when we pulled in his driveway. He grabbed Laura by the hand like she was some kind of Cracker Fairy and led her straight to the cracker dish and gestured with a polite "More." Man - can he eat some crackers. He eats them with passion too - not just chowing down - but savoring every delicious little crackery bite.

We got to share dinner with him and his parents and Laura got to help put him to bed for the night. What a wonderful family he has - he couldn't be in a better situation - any where! Sheridan and his family are all so excited for us and our Ethiopia referral so it was fun to just sit around and talk about that and to learn more about their story.

Thank you so much for the gifts and the time spent getting to know you guys better. We look forward to watching Sheridan grow and experiencing his life with him!


Paula said...

How Cute, sounds like the little guy has a good appetite.

Kim said...

LOVE the picture on the cracker box! We had a wonderful time with the two of you also. Can't wait to meet eBaby.

Unknown said...

Friendships are awesome!!!

Handlyrics said...

Love this picture.. Someone is a photoshop Pro!!!


PS. I need lessons! :)

Unknown said...

The cracker picture is too funny! It sounds lik eyou guys had a great time.