Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Monday! AGAIN!!

On Friday we were expecting to hear from our agency on the status of baby e's health, but did not. They tried to get him to the doctor on Thursday, but pushed the appointment to Friday. We were sad to not get an update on Friday, but tried not to think about it too much (which is IMPOSSIBLE) over the weekend.

This morning, I came into work and checked my email. Once again, Monday's are WONDERFUL for us!!

An email from my agency said:

"The baby was checked by the clinic doctor Dr. Sophie on Friday the 14th of December 2007 and he exhibits no sign of sickness. He has responded well to the medication and has now fully recovered from his illness last week - broncho pneumonia. Happy Monday!!"

Praise God! Once again, our prayers have been answered! Now maybe, my sympathy cold will go away, too!

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for our sweet boy's health. Now, if we could just get him here to fatten him up!!

Love and hugs to you all!



Kim said...

Wonderful, wonderful news! We knew those candles we had been lighting at church for eBaby would work!!!

Paula said...

Great news. A true answer to prayers. So happy for you all.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Happy Monday!! I've been praying for little ebaby. So glad to hear the great news!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tymm and Laura

Thanks for letting me in on you blog. I have been praying for you and the babies Hoffman. I cannot wait to hold those little one in my arms. It is interesting that your bible verse on your home page is exactly the one that I say daily for my children and now for you! Jeramiah knows of what he speaks. I love you both!

the heaths said...

This is such great news, I was sad this morning when the first thing Laura told me was that there was no news about him getting better. Lots of prayers for Baby E to grow big and strong for his Mom & Dad!


Heather said...

Wonderful news!!

Angela said...

Praise God! That is wonderful news!!

Unknown said...

We are so glad to hear this! We'll keep praying for him to be loved on, for your strength and for a speedy process. Happy Monday!

Emily said...

Woo Hoo! What great news! You guys are even making me like Mondays.

Donna said...

Praying for that big beautiful eyed little boy you have every night. God is watching over him and keeping him safe until his mommy and daddy come for him.

Anonymous said...

Tymm & Laura... Anita and I are very happy and excited for you both. We hope that the path to your little guy is a very happy and sfe journey. We have you in our prayers each and everyday.