Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Hospital: Day 3

Made it through another night. Meron is still on the oxygen, they actually bumped it up a little. That's a little discouraging but on a brighter note, she is acting a TON better. So much more like herself.

About halfway throgh the day today we got a diagnosis of sorts. RSV is what they are saying she has which is the leading cause of pneumonia in kids under 1. So it makes sense. I had never heard of it - stands for "Respiratory Syncytial Virus" or, as I prefer, "Really Sucky Virus."

It does feel good to have an idea of what's going on now. And, we got a negative on her HIV test. That is great. There were some abnormal levels in some of her blood tests so they are checking for some other stuff as well. I love that the team here is being really conservative and not leaving any stone unturned. We should have a pretty good medical "history" on our girl when we get out of here.

Laura has been amazing these past few days. Staying all night to be right by Meron's bedside. She is running on empty but she keeps on going. I have been doing dog duty and relieving her so she could run home and shower - but she has been doing the majority of Meron Monitoring. Thank God for an incredible wife who has become quite the incredible mom.

We get 3 free meals a day here - well one person does - so Laura has been taking advantage of it. She went for the personal pan wheat pizza today and it was funny when it came. We get so used to American-sized portions - and the dieticians here prepare meals with the right portions. So it was kinda funny when Laura pulled the cover off her pizza.

You can't really tell in that picture - but that pizza is about 3 inches across. We had a good laugh over it - gotta find our funnies where we can in here.

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Unknown said...

We are praying for little Meron. We are with you RSV is really sucky.

When you guys get home, we'll make Laura a giant homemade pizza! :-)