Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Hospital: Day 5

So last night - about halfway through the night - we noticed Meron's oxygen nose thingie had fallen out. But the monitor was still reading great SATS levels - so she was starting to do good on her own. She was probably getting a little bit of assistance from it but it wasn't shooting straight in there. Good signs.

The morning nurse went ahead and turned it off. Nice! Around noon they felt so good about it that they went ahead and removed the face tape and the tubes altogether. Free at last, free at last...

She was down to one tether - what I call the "Glow Toe" - her little SATS and BPM monitor that they wrap around her tiny "Big" toe. It glows red through her sock.

So the girl was feeling good - for all we know the best she's ever felt. And it was showing. She took advantage of one tether and rolled all over every square inch of that crib. Morning nap? "What's that?" she says. Afternoon nap? 20 minutes. She was crazy. She has cabin fever like we all do.

Everyone was talking about us going home, getting released, jumping ship. We wanted it. Bad. Evening came though and it wasn't looking good. Her SATS levels we're dropping again. We eventually had to go back to the oxygen and get it all taped back on.

Whew. She was not a happy camper. So we head in to the night. Praying she'll start to pull in that oxygen on her own and show everyone how bad she wants to get outta here.

Thanks again to everybody out there who is praying for us. Meron sends her love.


Emily said...

RSV is a nasty thing! We're thinking about you guys. I hope Meron is turning the corner and will be home soon.
Noah can't wait to go to the park with his new friend when she feels better.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the phone calling announcing you were on your way home! An incredible number of prayers have been said the the three of you and I praise the Lord for His goodness to us. Thanks for the pics, too. Love to all three of you,
NC Granny