Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dentist - Starbucks - New Friends

I love our dentist. Yesterday I had to go in for some work and when I got there the assistant said "The doctor wants to talk to you" and she took me back to a room. I was bracing myself for the insurance talk - ya know - something not covered, this is gonna cost ya 3 trillion dollars, etc.

Instead she walks in with a Gymboree bag full of clothes for Meron. What?!?! She said she has 2 boys and always wanted to shop for girls. She is one of the most kind-hearted, generous, sincere God-loving people we know. So today we took Meron down to meet her and her team. They loved her and she loved them. It was great. And to top it all off we hit Starbucks next door - Meron's first visit! She ordered a Venti Belly with extra whip cream - but then realized she already had one so she got nothing.

This afternoon Meron got the opportunity to meet another one of her prayer warriors. Mary was in town visiting her family and we had to get over there so Meron could meet her. I have known Mary pretty much my entire life and she has been like a second mom to me - so it was an honor and a privilege for Meron to get to meet her. I think they hit it off pretty darn good!

Were you on our prayer list while we traveled or waited for this journey to come to fruition? If you were and you are ever near Atlanta - let us know. Meron wants to meet you (and so do we!).


RamblingMother said...

isn't it amazing the hearts of people touched by adoption and children in general? Cute as ever. break that girl in on starbucks early. When Glenys and I came home we had breakfast/coffee at the coffee shop so much so that coffee shop was one of her first english words, LOL!

Heidi Wheatley said...

Tymm and Laura,

Your blog moved me to tears. My heart is so full of happiness for the three of you. How blessed you are to have found Meron. She is absolutely beautiful and nothing short of a miracle. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter (I'm totally loving the belly!) and I look forward to meeting her.

Maria and Family said...

Yay Starbucks !! Way to go Meron ;)
She is as cute as ever. Maybe we will look you up when we head up to tenn from Fl one time. :)

Lori Inman said...

Meron's venti belly is adorable! Thanks for sharing her with the blogosphere.