Saturday, October 25, 2008

Getting Political

So we swore to ourselves we'd never get politcal on our site. Our plan was to keep it all about our adoption process - our day-to-day life - our plans for the future.

But sometimes ya just gotta weigh in. Especially when ya find yourself blindsided.

I walked in to Meron's room today to find that somebody had been pretty busy - these were plastered all throughout the room:

She swore she had a few swing "stuffed animals" that she was working over.

Let me tell ya - it was a tough conversation to have telling her that first off - her mommy and daddy needed to get rolling and finish her paperwork because I didn't think she could run for anything with just a greencard.

And secondly - she has about 35 more years before she's eligible.

She took it pretty well. More time to square away her platform.

I'd vote for her...


Unknown said...

She's charasmatic and has a face I can trust. I'd vote for her!

Anonymous said...

I would vote for her, too! What a cute post and adorable pics! Love ya! Aunt Stacy

Angela said...

You get our vote, Meron!

Funny post!

RamblingMother said...

Yea! Meron for Queen of the World!! I would vote for her too!

Julie and Steve said...

I LOVE IT!!! Meron definitely has MY vote :)