Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friends and Ziti

Friday night we got the chance to do something we've been waiting a while to do - hang out with some good friends with EVERYBODY there. No kids waiting to come home. No dads deployed overseas. Everybody where they belonged.

It was dope.

Mark whipped up some incredible baked ziti and we enjoyed dinner and conversation with some friends who we have grown really fond of.

Thanks guys - we all had a great night - and Meron slept WAY in this morning!


Unknown said...

beautiful pics..glad everyone is home!!!! friends are special

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you have so many good close friends to be with and share each others love. That makes me very happy to know that!

I love you,
Mom aka Nana in PA

Unknown said...

Good grub. Good friends. Good times.

Let me know if you'd like for Mark to cater an event for you. Sophia and I are his co-agents.

Pete said...

Hey guys. We had a great time too. So wonderful to see us all together!

Angela said...

Yummy food and wonderful friends. It doesn't get better than that! :-)