Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Dinner With Friends

We feel really blessed by all the wonderful people God has placed in our lives. These people have supported us, cried with us, celebrated with us - but most of all they have loved us. And they have welcomed Meron in to their lives and showered her with so much love. We are thankful for all of you guys!

Tonight we got a chance to celebrate a Christmas dinner with Kelli and Scott. These guys have done so much for us and were a huge part of our adoption through support and love. And I am pretty sure Meron has them both wrapped around her finger!

Thanks guys for a great night - for an awesome dinner - for the great gifts - but most of all for your friendship!


Anonymous said...

thanks for you guys!! you have opened our eyes to a lot of great things.

Unknown said...

How fun!!!!

the heaths said...

Yes, I agree with my lovely husband. We are so thankful to have amazing friends like you in our life. Our friendship means so much...we love you!

RamblingMother said...