Monday, June 29, 2009

Meron's First Concert

No - it wasn't Kid Rock.

But get this - Kid Rock WAS playing in the ATL last night and we decided to pack up Camp Hoffman and head to Nashville instead for the Point of Grace fundraiser concert for the Oatsvall Team. If you know me and Kid Rock - you know it's a pretty big deal for me to skip out on him. But that's just how much we believe in and love these guys and ALL of their kids!

Meron has been to a few musical gatherings but this was her first real official show - and she LOVED it! When the music kicked in she was entranced and clapped wildy afterwards yelling "More! More!" and "Yeah!"

And the Oatsvalls - I mean what else can I say about these guys - they are awesome! We love them and it was a true blessing to finally get to meet them and hug them - these guys have prayed for us through Brighton and Meron when they really could have just been focused on the prayer they needed. Great people. Great friends. So good to finally meet in person!

But that wasn't all - we also got to meet Katie and hear her speak about her Amazima Ministries and the work she is doing for God in Uganda. If you aren't familiar with Katie - stop what you're doing right now and become familiar with her on her blog. She is an amazing 20 year old mom to 14 adopted kids who feeds thousands daily in Uganda. She is a rock star to us and we were thrlled to meet her and put a voice and face with her incredible stories.

Yeah - it was a long day. Yeah - it was a lot of miles to drive. Yeah - we got back late and were very sleepy. But it was worth it! All 3 of us slept like champions with thoughts of the evening bouncing all through our heads. God showed up for the Oatsvalls and all who came - and He was GOOD!


Unknown said...

Great post..So excited that you went. The Hoffman family demonstrates the word PASSION every day..

YOu are rockin role models!

Unknown said...

Oh, man. We were so bummed to miss this. Love all the pictures. What an amazing thing to be in a place filled with people with hearts for orphans!

Stroup Family said...

What a great first concert! It sounds like a night to never forget... we are so sad we missed it! A great night filled with passion for orphans and adoption- what a blessing!