Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nothing Says Lovin'... some good Mommy huggin'!

Our girl has had a rough weekend (physically). And though she continues to be a ray of sunshine outwardly - we knew she was feeling a little down when she crawled in Laura's arms today and fell asleep.

This is someone who won't even sit still for more than a minute - let alone crawl in to mommy's arms and go to sleep. It was sweet. It was precious. It was heart-warming.

I don't know who it soothed more - Meron or Mommy!


waitingarms said...

Oh sweet baby, hope she is back to her joyful, healthy self in no time.

Unknown said...

Hope she feels better soon.

emily said...

Precious thing- hope she feels better. I always liked it a little when the 4 older kids were sick because they would snuggle with me........and Abe thinks I'm the human pacifer and would literally let me hold him 24/7 (which I do most days!) :)